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Summer in a bottle.

Ah, the feeling of summer. We all know it well: Sun, sea, zesty citrus, and, of course, sunscreen!

This season brings a vibe uniquely its own, synonymous with summer holidays, chilling out, and taking time to relax from the stress of everyday life. These sunny times have a smell, which some fragrances work to encapsulate so you can enjoy the joyful scent of summer all year long. The power of smell is almost magical, having the gift to invoke the warm feelings of summer even better than a picture. One spritz and you’re transported to a beachside vacation, far away from the troubles of day to day life.


What ingredients create such a powerful experience? What does summer even smell like? Well, let’s dive in!


The first– and maybe most obvious– raw material used is marine notes, which mimic an incredibly realistic smell of the sea. The most well known ingredient used for this is calone, a high end synthetic molecule first used in 1988 in New West of Aramis.


What’s next in creating the perfect summer scent? Water fruit notes, like melonal, take the lead. These ingredients produce a scent similar to a slice of freshly cut, juicy watermelon.


Next up is the “solar” notes. Unsurprisingly, these are the olfactory notes commonly used in sunscreens: coconut, vanilla, ylang ylang and tiare flowers find balance with the so-called “salicylate” notes, which add a milky, creamy side to the fragrance.


Lastly, zesty, citrus notes are introduced, bringing liveliness and sparkle as they evoke the refreshment brought by a cool drink after a warm summer day. With some summer scents, you may even find the smell of pine and cypress, too!


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