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Perfumes by the Season

Many have asked us: Which perfume is best for which season? Are there any rules, do’s and don’ts?


You may find yourself wondering: Should we wear a different perfume according to seasons?


Like all things perfumery, the answer is personal. Some people are loyal (or perhaps a bit addicted) to just one scent, and wear it 365 days a year, others feel the need to vary according to the seasons. No matter your preference, it’s true that some notes respond better than others to the particular atmosphere of a season.


Just like you would rather drink a hot chocolate in winter and an iced tea in summer, the same can go for perfumes! To cope with the heat of summer, we’re attracted to fresh scents, and in winter we’re drawn to warm and enveloping fragrances. As you may have guessed, what matters most is the temperature– as winter in Detroit is not the same as in Miami.


When the weather gets warm and you’re seeking something fresh, citrus and aquatic scents will feel like drinking a cool glass of lemonade by the beach. On those chillier days when all you want is something warm, ambery, powdery, spicy and gourmand scents will bring you all the comfort of being curled up in bed with a hot cup of tea.


What about spring and fall? These tricky in-between seasons are less extreme, but nevertheless, you can still feel the desire to be fully in tune with the evolution of nature during these times.


In spring, nature awakens– and fresh, floral, green, fruity and aromatic notes allow us to create harmony with the arrival of sunny days and a feeling of rebirth. When Autumn arrives, it brings nature adorned with beautiful, warm colors and that familiar chill in the air. Woody and fougere scents resonate with the smells and sensations of nature as it reaches the end of its cycle, preparing for the colder months ahead. Comforting musky and gourmand notes can also have a soothing, reassuring effect to help ease the transition between seasons.


It’s important to remember that these are not rules, but rather trends. If you feel like wearing a sultry, ambery fragrance as the temperature goes up to 90 °F, go for it!
You may find yourself spritzing a little less in the heat, but once the sun sets you’ll be ready for a full fragrance refresh.

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