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The best perfumes to wear on a date.

Perfume is not only essential for smelling and feeling your best for any occasion, but it can play a powerful role in the world of love and attraction as well– and there’s the science to prove it. As Jennifer Stelter, psychologist and CEO of NeuroEssence at the Dementia Connection Institute, stated to TZR, “Olfactory stimuli has a direct impact on a person’s limbic system that houses the amygdala, responsible for generating emotions, and the hippocampus, responsible for forming memories”. In more simplified terms, the way someone smells impacts your feelings towards them and the way you remember them.

So, how can you use this to your advantage when wanting to impress someone new or take date night to the next level? Straight from the experts behind the bottle here at Dossier, these are our perfume recommendations for when you’re wanting to wow that someone special:

The First Date: Ambery Vetiver, inspired by Byredo’s Bal d’Afrique

Let’s be real, dating can be nerve wracking! When you’re in need of that last minute confidence boost, Ambery Vetiver is here to help. Even if you’re full of butterflies, this scent’s bright citrus notes, delicate floralcy, and warm, ambery base will bring you a sense of comfort (while covering those nervous sweats!).

The Anniversary Date: Ambery Tuberose, inspired by Diptyque’s Do Son

Whether it’s dinner by candlelight, a surprise trip abroad, or even just a lowkey night in watching your favorite movies together– no matter how you spend your anniversary, this scent will bring out the romantic in both of you, guaranteed. The soft, sensual scent of tuberose meets vibrant orange blossom, and a warm base of musk and orris. So, send the kids to grandma’s for the night and thank us later.

The Summer Fling: Fruity Almond, inspired by Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl

The sun’s out and so are you! Embrace all things fun and flirty with Fruity Almond’s joyful blend of almond, peach, and orange blossom, which is met by a rich base of cacao, tonka bean, sweet vanilla. Even if things fizzle come Fall, the memories will last a lifetime.

The Dreamy Date: Gourmand Orange Blossom, inspired by Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle

Make an impression they’ll never forget with Gourmand Orange Blossom’s alluring combination of blackcurrant, hazelnut, and patchouli, enriched with a mouthwatering base of praline and a splash of vanilla. One spritz, and this scent brings all the sultry vibes of a late night speakeasy, or sipping champagne while overlooking city views.

Coffee with Your Ex: Ambery Saffron, inspired by MFK’s Baccarat Rouge 540

It’s a tale as old as time: you break up, you’re finally moving on, and then…you get the dreaded text: “Let’s get coffee and catch up sometime”. In moments like this, you need a perfume that reminds you that you deserve only the best, and it doesn’t get better than Ambery Saffron! The unmistakable heat of saffron, softened by sweet plum and the enveloping warmth of amber will give you all the confidence you need to kick Kyle to the curb once and for all.

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