Candles are back and BIGGER than ever! DOPEPLUS.COM

Candles are back and BIGGER than ever!

If you've been a part of our Dopeplus family for a while, you might remember the candles we first released in 2021. At the time, we were excited to expand our collection beyond perfume - and to be honest, we thought we did. We've launched 4 candles inspired by our perfume line (including designer perfumes that don't exist in candle form!). , made from all natural ingredients and safe to smell. However, once we started getting feedback from customers, one thing became very clear...

Sometimes size really does matter.
Our mission at Dopeplus has always revolved around our belief that everyone should feel luxury, no matter how much money they can spend. When we heard that customers didn't feel the size of a candle was proportional to the price, we knew we needed to change that. Which brings us to today: We're bringing back the candles, and this time they're three times bigger!

Turns out our client was right (duh!). The bigger the better. Our new candle now weighs 7.7oz, has two cores, burns for 48 hours and is only $14.

Don't worry, other than doubling the wick and tripling the size, our candles haven't changed much. Dopeplus candles are still made from the same luxury quality ingredients and absolutely paraffin-free, so you can smell them without stress. As we do with every Dopeplus product, we took all the dirty stuff out and left only the top quality ingredients. Most brands don't disclose the concentration levels they use, but our products are transparent. Archive candles have a 10% concentration, so you can make the most of every lamp. We are talking about pure oil, without any additives.

Our goal with the relaunch of Dopeplus Candles is not only to bring a little luxury to our customers, but also to demonstrate the importance of our consumers in our product development. We are so grateful for the love we have received from the Archives family, and we need to not only listen to their feedback, but also act on it. So, this release is dedicated to you.

Now, what are you waiting for? It's time to light up luxury.

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