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Let’s Diffuse the Situation…

Are you ready to experience your favorite perfume specially designed for your room? With our new range of room diffusers, you can fill any space with luxury. Before setting up a new aromatherapy machine, there are a few things you should know to ensure you get the most out of each inhale. Let's get started.

Okay, you have your diffuser. - Now what?
The setup is simple: Put the reeds in the fragrance, as the luxurious scent permeates the room, sit back and relax. The perfume diffuses into the environment through the natural and gradual evaporation of the sticks. Each 100 ml diffuser can be used continuously for at least one month. The reeds can be removed for a "rest" scent and returned to the scent when needed. Save it for special occasions, or smell good 24/7, it's up to you!

Wait, but what's in the bottle?
The concentrated oil is diluted in alcohol, just like your favorite EDP or perfume. However, unlike your perfumes, these formulations have been redesigned to meet air care standards and work best when used with wood reeds. If you know anything about Dopeplus, you know that we keep all inappropriate content out. This means that our diffusers are specially formulated for safe and pressure-free sniffing without additives.

Our first fragrance enhancer includes a variety of scents (all inspired by our best-selling perfumes!). , so you can mix and match to complement every mood and every room. Create your ideal ambience wherever you go - oh, and did we mention that diffusers cost only $26 each?植物精油屋香


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