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Aromatherapy extender vine

Aromatherapy extender vine

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Scent: A mix of salt spray, seaweed, violet leaves, driftwood and aquatic musk.

Create a homey atmosphere in your home with our luxury home atmosphere diffuser's layered scents - made from essential oils and decorative plant additives. Reed diffusers are the most popular because they not only serve as a flameless alternative to candles, but are also visually striking. The rattan reed absorbs the sesame oil, releasing an elegant, evocative scent into the air. Elegant, consistent, simple, and maintenance-free.
Easy Lasting Scent: Experience continuous, low maintenance scents with our reed diffuser, designed for easy to use and long lasting scent diffuser. No flame or heat is required, providing a safe and convenient alternative to candles, wax melts, and plug-in air fresheners. Set includes a glass bottle filled with fragrance reeds, and a stylish gift box.

Decorate your home with perfume to add a spa feel to your home! Urban Nature Aromatherapy Reed diffuser is the best choice for long-lasting home perfumes. Each reed diffuser usually lasts 3-4 months. For a fresher scent, turn the reed stick at least once a week. Perfect for small Spaces.

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