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Sleep aromatherapy stone essential oil

Sleep aromatherapy stone essential oil

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Ro-ro bottle size :20mm × 85mm; Capacity: 10ml; Colored rolling ball: red jasper, tiger's eye, Lapis lazis, colored fluorite, rose crystal, amethyst, transparent crystal, green gold crystal, black obsidian, soda stone
Safe, reliable and convenient packaging - all bottles come in a small cardboard box protected with pearl foam to prevent vibrations and bottles from bumping into each other
Portable size for travel and conveniently fits into your wallet; These roller bottles are ideal for storing essential oils, perfumed oils, aromatherapy, fragrances, holistic treatments, DIY sample mixes and other skin care liquids
Each roller bottle is filled with rolling gem shavings to prevent your handmade DIY oil mixture from separating and appropriately extend the shelf life of your homemade essential oil mixture
Each gem ball is polished and very smooth, suitable for even use of essential oils, no more rollers get stuck or fall off

Spar Aromatherapy, Enjoy TIPS

1.Take out the spar cup,Drop in essential oil, it can be naturally volatilized

2.The concentration of essential oils can be adjusted according to personal preference, and can be added at will

3.With silicone non-slip mat,It can be used as car aromatherapy

4.When necessary, wash the silicone non-slip mat and it can be reused

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