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Luxury car Air Freshener Sachets

Luxury car Air Freshener Sachets

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Premium Sachet - dopeplus Home Sachet is made from natural and organic quality vermiculite only, with the addition of high quality fresh sachet bag oil to instantly bring a fresh scent to your wardrobe.

Enjoy fresh smells everywhere - Household sachets keep your clothes, linens, car seats, sinks, pet areas, and anywhere else smelling fresh, eliminating unpleasant odors. Enjoy floral bags on a cozy day!

Long-lasting Sachet - The best way to use an air refreshing sachet is to dab it with your hand or finger. Home sachet will immediately release the most fragrant scent of lavender, Marine or cedar wood in the air. Scent Drawer packs can provide long-lasting scents if kept in an enclosed area.

6 Sachet -6 different scents. Floral sachets can be used in aromatherapy, nourishing and stimulating the body and soul, calming and relaxing.

The Perfect Gift for Friends - Family Sachet gift sets can bring joy to people, so these sachet bags are the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, Christmas, birthday, Mother's Day for loved ones, family and friends who will be inspired and surprised by these wonderful sachet bags.

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