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Luxury Car Freshener Pendant Aromatherapy

Luxury Car Freshener Pendant Aromatherapy

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Long lasting scent, slow and persistent to improve the smell.

Best choice for car decorations: Decorate your car or use it as a diffuser, add your favorite perfume essential oil mix, and enjoy it.

Adjustable suspender: Easy to hang bottles, suspender adjustable suspension, hanging in the bag, living room, bedroom or as indoor aroma accessories.

Multifunctional: Suitable for perfume, fragrance, essential oil or air freshener, car pendant, etc.

Ruyi tassel installation

Note 1 The lanyard must pass through the metal ball and the two lanyard holes at the free head

Note 2: When the tassel is rotated into the screw hole, be sure to rotate by holding the screw head to prevent damage to the tassel

Nafuling flag installation

Note1 : Replace the tassel in step 4 above with a ream flag

Note 2: If the flag is not correct after screwing, adjust the aperture direction of the flag until it is correct


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