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Luxury car Planet Solar Aromatherapy

Luxury car Planet Solar Aromatherapy

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Why you should choose dopeplus #1: High speed and silent operation: The dopeplus Car Freshener features a German-made solar-powered silent motor that diffuses fragrance at 500 RPM in sunlight while producing a noise level below 30dB, making it completely inaudible.

Why you choose F21 #2: Natural Perfumes: Only use 100% natural perfumes made by French company Robertet. Products have passed SGS non-toxic certification, to ensure that pregnant women and infants can also be safe to use.

Why we chose the F21 #3 :10 years of durability: The aroma ring has been upgraded to microporous ceramic, which is more durable than previous PE or Beech models. Even if it is reused for ten years, it will not release harmful substances.

Why you should choose the F21 #4: Our air Freshener is perfect for DIY lovers: Its main selling point is that it supports DIY, which is good news for those who like to make their own perfume. We offer six different scents of complementary essential oils, let our custom car air freshener fill your space with wonderful aromas!

Actively diffuse fragrance and rotate when there is light

Adopt aviation light-sensitive energy-gathering board, actively gather light, rotate and accelerate to diffuse fragrance

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