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Meet Future Smart Ring

Meet Future Smart Ring

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SIX REASONS Choose Smart Ring ZR01

Health Data,Recording Professional and Unique anywhere and anytime

With ultra-low power consumption Bluetooth chipset and various of precision sensors, integrate originality Al algorithm to smart obtain your body data, care of your health all time.

Professional and Unique Al Algorithm

Built-in professional medical grade algorithm to ensure get accurate health data. Built-in ultra-low consumption national invention algorithm, Duration long battery life to make sure duration wearing.

Keep Touch to activate SOS Help Function

In case you're meet the emergency status, keep touch smart ring 8s to activate SOS function.Commands phone auto-dial the emergency contacts,to help your get rapid

Easytotouch &control, make more funnyand convenient

Built-in multi-direction chipset to smart control the 3rd party APPs and other smart hardwares to make funny and convenience for your life.

High technologymaterial unique design,Silky & Friendly skin feeling

Microcrystal zirconium nano-ceramic outer frame, noble silky round touch sense;Austenitic anti-bacterial stainless steel inner frame, forever color for profound meaning,elegant feeling at fingers.

5ATM waterproof using as will

Multi sizes for you to choose and satisfy your finger size. 5ATM waterproof can match whole day weather environment to diving.swimming,washing,etc.

Goes work to scientifically track and record your sleep

Anywhere and anytime care of your health.

Record every heartbeat during exercise

Bring you all-round care in special times.

Insight every details of body recovery.

Built-in eloT professional medical grade algorithm to accurately

calculate health data through the absorption intensity of finger blood flow to light signals of different wavelengths.Built-in eloT ultra-low power consumption national patent algorithm.National Invention patent No.:ZL2014101695633),long battery life to make sure duration wearing.

Flexible circuit design of three-dimensionalstructure

Ring frame and flexible circuit design, integrate lower power consumption Bluetooth chipset( distance 10M),various precision sensors,originality unigue Alalgorithm.Smart track and obtain body indicators,care of your health all time.

Microcrystal zirconium nano-ceramic outer frame

Outer frame take microcrystal zirconium nano-ceramics forged embryo match with different colors, It's sintered in a high temperature furnace at 1400°C for 7 days and then polish,burnish and coating for ten thousands of times over for 40days.The excellent refraction and dispersion performance makes the Ring glow unique and silkily round.

Austenitic antibacterial stainless steelinner frame

Austenite anti-bacterial stainless steel inner frame take CNC precision molding, polishing and rollingusing delicate mirror polishing process to make it smooth as a mirror, forever color for profound meaning.

Variety of colored ceramic outer framesimple color matching can be easily satisfied with whether street sports or fashion business. The fingers are light and unrestricted, and more comfortable with no sense of wear.


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