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Men's Scented Pine Candle in Black Jar

Men's Scented Pine Candle in Black Jar

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Precautions for scented candles

1. In order to make full use of the candle, burn the candle until the entire surface is in a liquid state, avoiding the "memory circle" of the candle
2. Do not burn candles for less than 3 hours each time;
3. Do not leave candles unattended
4. Keep candles away from ventilation, away from flammable items such as curtains, and away from children and pets;
5. If the candle wick is not at the center of the candle surface, you can use the candle extinguisher hook to adjust the position of the candle wick after the candle has been lit for a period of time to ensure that it is at the center of the wax surface:
6. The candle wick is always kept 6-8 times higher than the candle surface to avoid black smoke and keep the candle wick and wax surface clean. 7. In order to keep the household surface in contact with the bottom of the candle from being damaged, it is necessary to place heat insulation items, such as: coasters, trays
8. In order to protect the candle glass, be sure to leave at least 1cm of unmelted wax 9. Put the candle in a dry and mild place, do not place the candle in direct sunlight:
10. When extinguishing candles, do not blow out the candles, it is recommended to use special tools for scented candles.

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