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My Pretty Little Buddha

My Pretty Little Buddha

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♥ This Pendant is Ready to Ship. We will ship out the same day or the next day after your order is placed.

♥ Material: Brass with 18k Silver/Gold Plated. Anti- Tarnish Coat to ensure longevity. 5A Cubic Zirconia around. SHINE IS AMAZING!

♥ Chain Type: Diamond Chain Necklace.

♥ A little background history... The person who wears a Buddha pendant around the neck attracts positive energy. Styling with a purpose. They emit positive waves into the environment around them. The belief is all of the entire negativity is destroyed and a fighting spirit is generated within the person.

 Necklace is available in Green, Pink, Yellow, and white. The different colors embody another level of power. For example:

Green- attracts power, money, and health.

Pink- Is the symbol of love, truth, and honesty.

White- Is a sign of Purity, wealth, and boldness.

Red/Plumb- Love 

Yellow- Happiness, and optimism, enlightenment and creativity, sunshine and spring.

The perfect necklace for any occasion. This necklace embodies power.


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