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Premium car aromatherapy decoration

Premium car aromatherapy decoration

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1. Remove the cork, turn the screw cap back, completely soak the end of the extended incense stick in the oil, and then insert the incense stick upside down into the bottle
The number of incense sticks is directly related to the concentration of fragrance

2. If the number of diffuser sticks increases, the fragrance will become stronger, and vice versa. It is recommended to invert the diffuser sticks once a week to ensure the effect of diffuser


safety tips

1. The essential oil in aromatherapy is an oily liquid. If it is in contact with the oily paint surface for a long time, it will blend with the oily components in the paint and cause damage. (Artificial leather and home fabrics are also the same), if it is accidentally spilled on the table, please wipe it off with a damp cloth immediately.

2. Regularly invert the direction of the aromatherapy strips to help diffuse the fragrance better and longer

3. Do not directly contact the skin and eyes. If you accidentally touch it, please rinse with plenty of water.

4. Preserved flowers and dried fruits are all natural materials, and it is normal for the shape and color to be slightly different.

5. Keep away from heat or fire.

6. It is not recommended for pregnant women and children who are sensitive to the system, please choose carefully.

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